Rino / Midnight Maid Usagi

Item Number】AOD513-RMM / 4573199838762


【size】Base body: Obitsu 50cm / AZO2 body (G bust) * Only lower leg uses Obitsu 50cm

[Release Schedule] / Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from the end of November 2020

【Maker】Azone International


The third edition of the iris collect "Rino" comes in
a sexy and cute maid rabbit costume that is the same as "Kano".

Under the apron with a cute white fluffy tail, there is
lace white × black sheer babydoll. The outfit has a chiffon skirt. The
garter stocking is a 2-way specification that becomes a knee sock if you remove the hook.
The white rabbit headband has a built-in wire, so you can bend it at any angle. The
image of a white rabbit , "Rino" has a pink sapphire eye color and white silver hair.
For the first time, a pinpoint metallic eye with sparkling eyes has be used!

Rino / Midnight Maid Usagi-san

Eye color: Pink sapphire (Pink sapphire)
Hair color: White silver (White silver)

Head: Soft vinyl head, wig specification (hemispherical type insert specification, eye bag available)
   * Prototype production: ZAN (cat oval)
Eye: 18mm Exclusive AZONE original iris
   * Doll eye uses Obitsu Hitomi from Obitsu Seisakusho
Body: Obitsu 50cm / AZO2 body (G bust)
   * Prototype production: Naojo Oniyama (Hyperspace)
   * Lower legs only Obitsu 50cm

Rino Doll body, shoes, stockings, garter belts,
shorts, skirts, baby dolls, aprons, sleeves, cuffs, chokers,
headdress, magnet stand (disc type)

Delivery scheduled for late November 2020