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Golden Week is from April 28 to May 7, 2020. Although we can accept orders for products during the holidays,
we may take longer than usual to reply and ship products from April 28th to May 7th.
Please note that during the Golden Week period, product shipment may be delayed due to congestion.

Due to the continued spread of new coronavirus infection and the refraining from going out, orders for Azonet are rapidly increasing.
Although we try our best to ship the products promptly, it may be difficult to ship them on the same day.
This situation is expected to continue for the time being. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.



Azone Original Dolls

Alvastaria Series

Alice's Tea Party Series

Clothing & Accessories

Doll Bodies & Heads

KikiPop Dolls & Clothing



Proud to be a founding member of Couture Doll Shop

Last updated: May 9, 2020

Lil Fairy Series

40cm and 50cm Dolls

(Ellen Series, Happiness Clover, Iris Collect, Iris Collect Petite, Black Raven)


PetWORKS Momoko & Ruruko & "The Boys"

Sekiguchi Momoko 

Sew Tiny 

Look Who's Wearing Azone Now!



Owner:  Larraine Elcock

Official Azone Dealer

Authorized Sekiguchi Momoko Seller



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NOTE: Once you put a doll in your cart you must continue to use that currency. You cannot put CAD price in the cart with USD price, this will cause the buttons to malfunction.


For further information contact: Larraine

Please read what is a pre-order below

The Fine Print



Please pay the DEPOSIT amount with Paypal to:  barbigirl@shaw.ca

In the note section please type: The name of the item you are purchasing

Please add your Postal Code and also your telephone number if you are outside of Canada.

On any page of this site, if the buttons don't work, report it to me: barbigirl@shaw.ca and go ahead and send your deposit with the above method while I fix the buttons.

If you are interested in Integrity Fashion dolls please check out my other site at Vancouver Fashion Dolls.

A Note about the meaning of PRE-ORDER

It has also come to my attention that some buyers do not really understand what it means by "PRE-ORDER".  Pre-order means that you are ordering the doll before it is made.  The doll that will be made is put up for sale and you pay for it, this means you have put in an order for the doll to be made for you at Azone.  The pre-order time period is usually about 2 weeks, but can be shorter if the dolls sell out, so you will not receive your doll immediately.  After the pre-order time period closes, the doll goes into production to make only as many dolls as ordered.  This usually takes 2 weeks, but can take longer if the factory encounters any problems.  Once the doll is made, the dealer orders are filled, which means the doll is shipped from Japan to me, this usually takes 1 week.  When I receive the doll, I send you a Paypal invoice for the shipping and handling.  As soon as you respond and pay the S&H the doll is shipped to you which can take 7 to 14 days depending on your mail service.  All this means that depending when you order and how fast production is and how fast the mail service is you will receive your pre-order doll in 4 to 6 weeks.

Here is how my Pre-orders work.  Two days before the Azone reservation begins I put up the dolls available and sell until my alottment is filled.  At that point I have to put up Sold Out of my Alottment or Reservation reception ended signs. A day after the Official Azone reservation closes I check with Azone.  If  the doll(s) have not sold out, I can put them back on my site and sell them until they are sold out with Azone.  So if you are after that doll with the sold out of my alottment or Reservation reception ended sign, a RED X, then come back and check the site the next day or two.  Keep visiting until you see the buy button come up.  If they are sold out at Azone level you will see the Sold Out sign.

If the doll is an order it still takes up to two weeks turn around to receive the doll.  If the doll says "In House Stock", she is here with me and I can send her out immediately on receiving your order.

I reserve the right to refund your money and re-sell the item(s) you purchased, if I have been trying to contact you about the item(s) you ordered and not getting any response from you for 10 days after issuing you a shipping notice.

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